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The right solutions can deliver business agility and innovation for staying ahead of the market curves as well as attracting and retaining more customers than you ever imagined.

Webqom's application solutions can deliver the extensive capabilities you need.

Our simple yet powerful application provide scalable, integrated, end-to-end solutions to drive value and accelerate results.

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Web88IR Value Innovation

We believe in continuity in delivering quality and innovative solutions to you. One of the most innovative aspect of this latest version is the automation for the following.

VALUE INNOVATION: #1: Better Interactive Charts

WEBQOM's WEB88IR Features:

  • Automated update
  • Interactive
  • Multiple charts combination

Interactive Chart
VALUE INNOVATION: #2: Automated & Aesthetically Integrated Media News

WEBQOM's WEB88IR Features:

  • Automated update & push to your email. Just ONE Click on PUBLISH button in your email to get it published on your website. Simple & Easy!
  • All news are parsed and displayed in Laravel pages for better readability and mobile friendly. [No PDF]
  • No more manual search and manual scan.

Media News
VALUE INNOVATION: #3: User-friendly Content Management System

WEBQOM's WEB88IR Features:

  • You can manage any contents via the WEB88IR CMS*.
  • This CMS is built using enterprise grade MVC framework, Laravel. It is better grade than Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal or any ready made CMS.
  • Secure, reliable & robust.

*CMS=Content Management System

Content Management System
VALUE INNOVATION: #4: Automated & REAL-time Price Ticker

WEBQOM's WEB88IR Features:

  • REAL-time price ticker

REAL-time price ticker
VALUE INNOVATION: #5: Automated & Aesthetically Integrated Announcements

WEBQOM's WEB88IR Features:

  • Announcements information is parsed into the proper designed layout format.
  • You won't see a bursa design with scroller in the middle or a PDF.
  • All is done automatically.

Automated Announcement
VALUE INNOVATION: #6: Current and Historical Price & Volume

  • All at your finger tips. By just ONE simple click.

Interactive Chart