What You Should Know When Re-creating a New Virtual Server with a Different Operating System in OpenVZ

By Ah Hock - September 23rd 2013 14:46 PM GMT+0800

If you are to re-create a new virtual server in OpenVZ for different operating system, and to install cPanel to the new virtual machine, the cPanel installation will only work if you first destroy the existing virtual machine and create a new one. Destroying here means deleting the virtual server.

Taking the short cut on re-installing does not work.

You can remove your unwanted vm via solusvm panel like:

>> virtual servers -> list virtual servers -> in that list of VM will be listed -> now if you click the (*) as per in red square below option means, it will delete.

Alternatively, you can also log into SSH to delete the virtual server by using the following command.

Type the following command to delete VPS:
# vzctl destroy 10

Note: 10 is the virtual container ID. You shall insert your ID respectively.

Click "Confirm Delete" when you see the above.

Press "Yes" to the above.

The above message will appear if delete is successful.

How to add virtual server:

To add a new virtual server, click on the blue button as per in above red square.

Next is to select the virtualization type. Select OpenVZ.

After that, select your node and plan.

You will be prompted to configure your new virtual server. Insert the settings as you required and click on the button "Create Virtual Server".

Congratulations! When the above appears, it means your virtual server has been created successfully. You can begin to use your virtual server now.