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By Ah Hock - January 20th 2014 11:32 PM GMT+0800

Do not bring it on! That is the feeling among Malaysians just weeks before the new year. News of price hikes and the domino effects affecting the lives of the citizens have dominated news headlines.

Half of the time, reactions from radio deejay seems to be dominated by suggestions of how to stretch our Ringgit by lowering our living expenses. Little has been thought or spoken on how corporations are equally affected and how to face it; but ignoring it would be as bone-headed as a round-the-world yachtsman turning blind eye to the wind.

The inconvenient truth is that the most widely option with which we are all too familiar with is cost cutting. Shopping malls will be cutting spending on electricity. The harsh reality is most shopping malls will pass the costs to the tenants by means of higher rentals.

Switching to other innovative options

Maybe this is the start of a new mission or time to create innovative options on how to escape the electricity and overall price hikes wallet-damaging blow. One way is to turn brick and mortar stores into portals to a new online retail. Instead of renting a big space at prime shopping malls, you can have small pick up stores spread across the country for delivery and pick up at customer's convenience and shall be open 24 hours a day. Or you can work with partners to setup point-of-pickup arrangements. Dedicated lockers for picking up merchandise ordered online could be something you can consider too. The rugged Jeff Bezos has been testing out drones for instant delivery. Why Google is eating up robotics companies? Google has never been complacent. They are developing flying robots and hoping to sell it to Amazon for goods delivery. Last year's late delivery during Christmas by UPS for Amazon's goods have caused many anxious moments for Jeff as he has to refund for late delivery.

7-Eleven (not Malaysia's 7-Eleven) is taking xCommerce seriously

Toshifumi Suzuki, the 81-year-old Japanese who built 7-Eleven into an icon is embracing and taking xCommerce seriously. All credit to Toshifumi and his liutenants for willingness to to innovate and make big plays.

Revolution for a better environment

With less demand for retail space and office space, over-supply of offices and residences will let to many property companies no fighting chance of survival unless they can build data-centers, or they diversify their core business portfolios. Innovative ways of working, for instance working remotely from your hometown in rural areas such as Pontian or Semporna will led to corporations thought they have cracked the blow. The new-found idea is inspired and used successfully by Amazon and Alibaba.

Amazon is located in Seattle, is a coastal seaport city. Continuous development in Seattle will ascend this city's ranks but at the moment it is only the 15th largest metropolitan area in USA. Alibaba is based in Yangzhou, an ancient and elegant city in China. With less inhabitants coming into the city, less office and residences spaces are required. This is a good cold and calculated decision to put environment first and leave the property developers in the lurch on an epic scale. Property developers will experience overcapacity and intensified price pressure locally.

Traveling costs to work can be saved. Less petrol is burnt. This could be the answer to the pollution issue.

Let us start it today

Let start to offer an innovative online portal for people's easy access to education, entertainment, social, professional work, such as design, editorial, programming, and whatever new services you can thought of.

Let start to offer an innovative online portal for people's easy access to education, entertainment, social, professional work, such as design, editorial, programming, and whatever new services you can thought of.

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